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FEND-ALL Dock Bumpersdock bumpers

Your boat and dock are an investment that  you have most likely dedicated a lot of time and money towards. We know how important it is to protect those investments, and that’s why we offer only the best dock bumpers on the market–FEND-ALL.

The FEND-ALL Difference

We only use FEND-ALL fenders because the quality far surpasses any other bumpers on the market. They are made out of UV stabilized flexible PVC and are resistant to water, salt, oil, gasoline and marine creatures. The difference is a patented web design that extends the fender before breakage. Anchor Boatlifts uses and sells most FEND-ALL bumpers for convenience and a one-stop place for your boat dock services.

Types of Dock Bumpers:


Primarily used for a vertical application to a piling or bulkhead, but can also be applied horizontally. Suitable for many watercrafts including vessels, fenders and large yachts.
dock bumpers

FA 201

Primarily used for floating docks. Can handle larger vessels due to its larger dimensions, greater wall thickness, and internal high-energy absorption web.

FA 400

Specialized for narrow slips that need maximum protection and doesn’t require special fasteners. Ideally designed to be mounted directly to pilings using stainless steel nails.

FA 300

Vertical and horizontal corner dock bumpers primarily used to protect water crafts from sharp corners or bulkheads.

FA 50boat bumpers

Specifically designed for smaller boats, up to 30’ or in areas where a smaller bumper is ideal due to space restrictions.

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